atr reel to reel and cassette tapes

You can get 1/4 inch, 2500 feet of tape on a blue, red or silver reel for about $78 or less. This tape stock is the best around. If you use a reel to reel we suggest that you do not use old tape (even if it was “sealed” since 1979!) as it will constantly deposit crud on the heads. ATR tape can be saturated with signal surprisingly hot without distorting. This is what we use exclusively. We also make tapes of select artists direct from vinyl or CD to ATR tape. We pay royalties directly to the artist for any song or vinyl LP that we record. See the ALBUMS on TAPE tab in the Analog Sources of the Gig Harbor Audio website for a growing list of available titles.

ATR Magnetics cassette tapes (chrome) at $49.99 for a box of 10. These are flawless. Excellent recording tape.