Interviews, Speedsters, Gin Martinis, Dan, Blake, Annie, The Cult, BeBetter, George, Jeff Dunham, Pentagram


Kitzke cellers wine, Ducktails, Interview with Steve Rhodes and Gig Harbor Mayor Kit Kuhn, Peter's speakers, Guru, and Katy Perry.


Pacific Northwest Audio Society, Harbor Gig Podcast, Wo'Pop (one of the coolest radio shows around).  


El Vy on a bunch of systems, Harbor Gig Podcast 3, Calvin Johnson's SoundoutIII, tubes, Shiloh Threads holiday party.  

Click on the picture to see the video


Girls Night Out, Selector Dub Narcotic, Harbor Gig Podcast, Grommes 220 restoration.  Flop/Rusty Willoughby

Join GHA on a trip to Denver, CO.  

This is a cool show.  We're going back next year!


Bill Kirchen

LIVE at Gig Harbor Audio.  Nicest guy ever.

Live music on 707s

Brady drumset, G&L guitar, 7Seas beer glass: music.  Rogue, Harbeth, Pioneer 707s. 

GHA System 1

How to quickly set up a Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum II, Rega P3/ElysII, Ryan 610 speakers, and GHA 18" speaker stands.

GHA System 2

Made in the USA: Rogue Audio, Ryan Speakers, VPI turntables, Selector Dub Narcotic. 

Bookcase system

Naim Nait 1, Rega P1, ProAc Tablette 10 speakers, Dub Narcotic Sound System "Blood Flow." 

The Perfect Kiss

Rogers EHF-100, VPI Prime/ DS002 optical cart, Paul Carmody Speedsters, GHA 24 stands, Chord Co. Epic cables, New Order "The Perfect Kiss."

Living on Video Mix

Technics 1700 reel to reel, VPI Prime, DS002 optical cartridge, Rogue Cronus Magnum II, Speedster speakers.  Trans-X "Living on Video."

Oasis Turntable

By David Gillespie.  Naim Nait 1, Russell K Red 50 speakers, David Lynch "Say It." 

Hangman - Genesis

Beat Happening mix tape with Genesis speakers, Rogue Sphinx, Pioneer 707, Control4, Shure SM58 mics. 

Madmen - Europa

Acoustic Research amp, Speedster speakers, Control4, Madmen, Europa Desk & Cradenza.

Speedster Speakers

Dynaco St 400, Sony R2R, Carmody design Speedster speakers.  These are so good. 

Open Baffle

Built by Mike Kelly.  VPI Prime, VPI Signature, Oasis (Noel & Liam), Rogue Cronus.