Create, Innovate, Hi-fi

We have not met a stereo we don’t like.  We love every audio brand, flavor, and every good idea from hi-fi designers over the years.  We install home theater/surround sound and 2 channel audio/video.  We can fix most solid state/tube gear, turntables, and reel2reels. 

Gig Harbor Audio is a curated selection of hi-fi components... the ones that we would put into our own homes.  The new Chartwell LS3/5a speakers are a perfect example.  This is innovation at its finest.  Combine them with a Rogue Audio Sphinx integrated, GHA custom speaker cables, and a Rega P2 turntable and you've got an amazing system that will not break the bank.  For a larger room try a Rega P6/Ania or a VPI Scout turntable with a Rogue Cronus Magnum (tube) or an Krell Vanguard (solid state) paired with the Graham Audio LS5/9 speakers or Ryan 620 floor-standers.  How about a full Rega system: the Elicit R integrated, RX5 speakers and a P3 turntable.  After that we get into the serious stuff: how about a Krell Illusion pre-amp with Krell 375 monoblocks going into a pair of Graham Audio LS5/8 speakers or Spendor D7 floor-standers with the source being a VPI Signature Prime turntable and a Dynavector 17D low output moving coil cartridge.  Or just do what comes natural:  Line Magnetic 518ia integrated (with 845 tubes), Chartwell LS3/5a speakers, and a Rega P6 turntable.  Holy cow.  

For home theater we love Anthem surround sound receivers with Dolby Atmos.  You can hide speakers in your ceiling, wall or anywhere with Paradigm or KEF speakers, subs and center channels.  We sell the new 4k Sony 65" TVs which are the most advanced smart TVs in the world. These things look good.   Or go further with a ceiling mounted projector and drop screen that disappears into your ceiling after you're done watching.  We do fully automated Control4 systems that allow seamless control of everything in your home from a smartphone: Lutron window shades, lighting, thermostats, security cameras, and we can show you how to make the perfect Whiskey Sour. 

While paying homage by selling and getting inspiration from the great brands we sell at GHA, we also strive to build our own products in house.  We’ve started with our own turntables which borrow and build on the genius of Acoustic Research, Ariston, Thorens, Linn, and Rega.  Each one of our custom turntables is a unique piece of art.  Each improves on the previous in design and sound.  Piece by piece we will manufacture and fabricate every single part at GHA.

We build our own speakers which have been inspired by Madisound, Blumenstein (awesome!), Klipsch, KEF, and Rega.  We strive for the beautiful simplicity of efficient speakers with single full range drivers.  Our current speaker models are made from bamboo plywood (renewable and strong), locally sourced hand-batted lamb wool, and Audio Nirvana full range drivers.  We are also fans of the brilliant Paul Carmody design "Speedsters."  This is a small bookshelf speaker with a ribbon tweeter.  Amazing bass.  Under a 800 bucks for a pair.

We design and build stereo components and systems as if we were doing it for ourselves and our friends.  GHA is a place to come and listen to music and hi-fi systems.  The feedback from our customers, partners, and friends determines the evolution of our products.   Anyone may trade in speakers purchased at GHA for 100% trade-in value toward any other pair of speakers that are double the price if within one year.  Every day at GHA is R&D, sometimes with a cup of Earl Grey, sometime with a WetCoast or 7Seas beer.